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Individualized Hormone Replacement     Therapy

HER  Place ģ is a womenís medical practice with an office in Tucson, AZ. We focus on on the overlooked connections between a womanís hormones and her health and offer consultative services that integrate individualized bioidentical hormone therapy with sound lifestyle choices. 

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July 11, 2011 Low Testosterone in Men: It's more than Sex at Stake!
November 17 Vitamin D:                                              
 The Overlooked Hormone and All it Does!
November 3

Arizona Proposition 101 - VOTE YES         YOUR Health Choices are at RISK!

September 29

 Infertility:       Overlooked Causes

July 21 Perimenopausal Bleeding Problems: Causes and Cures
July 14 Suddenly Menopausal:
Restoring Hormone Balance After Hysterectomy
July 7 Is MALE Menopause for Real?
Hormone Questions MEN Are Asking!
June 30 Adrenal FATIGUE?
Making Sense of Myths and Misinformation
June 23 Why Am I So Tired?
Hormone Causes of Fatigue
June 16 Autoimmune Problems and Premature Ovarian Failure
June 9 Painful Periods? What You need to know about Endometriosis
June 2 More About Thyroid Problems - How to Get Properly Tested
May 19 Feeling FAT and SLUGGISH? - Could be your Thyroid!
May 12 PCOS Integrated Approaches to Treatment Restoring Hormone Balance and Vitality

Take the PCOS Test

May 5 PCOS The Hidden Epidemic and Robber of Fertility:
May Cause Body and Facial Hair, Weight Gain,
Acne, Mood Swings and More.

Take the PCOS Test

April 28 Progesterone: Straight Truth about PMS, Weight Gain, Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis
April 21 Progesterone Cream Wild Yam Scam: What Savvy Women Need to Know
April 14 Fibromyalgia; Overlooked Hormone Causes: Check ALL These Before You Take The Latest Drug!
April 7 Ovarian Cancer and Ca 125 Testing:  What You Need to Know That could Save Your Life
March 31 Buyer Beware: Hormone Scams and Myths
March 24 Looking Great at Any Age: Hormones and your skin, hair, and eyes
March 17 Leaks and Pains and "Infections" That Aren't...Hormones' and Your Bladder
March 10 Make No Bones About It! - -  Hormones Matter
February 18 Hormones and Cancers: Straight Talk About Risks - Continued
February 11 Hormones and Cancers: Straight Talk About Risks
February 4  I ♥ Hormones: Heart Health Update
         (February is American Heart Month)
January 28 Oh My Aching Body! - Hormones, Headaches and Body Pains
January 21 Itís NOT All in Your Head -    Hormones and Sex Drive
January 14 Bioidentical Hormones    Sorting Out Myths and Facts
January 7 New Year - New You!    How Hormones Affect Weight
and Waist!
December 17  Banish the Blues -- Be Happy!  Hormones, Anxiety, Stress and Mood
December 10 Feeling Fuzzy?  "Hormones DO Affect Memory!
December 3  Estrogen:  "Horse Sense": What's Natural and What's NOT
November 26  Talking Turkey:  The Straight Truth About Hormone Risks and Benefits
November 19 Successes: The Story From Europe You Donít Know
November 12 Hormones 101: What you did NOT learn in School

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