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Books by Dr. Elizabeth Vliet “Women in the U.S. are given a one-
size-fits-all, cookbook approach, when individualized options using natural human hormones... would provide better outcomes with fewer side effects.”
  — Elizabeth Lee Vliet, MD
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Women, Weight, and Hormones: A Weight Loss Plan for Women over 35

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Publisher: M. Evans and Company, Inc., New York
Number of pages: 398
© 2001

Do you suspect your hormones are making you fat?

  • Are you gaining weight around your middle?
  • Are you taking birth control pills?
  • Are you worried about weight gain with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?
  • Have you gained weight since a pregnancy, tubal ligation, or hysterectomy?
  • Do you wonder how to reliably check your hormones?
  • Do you know which hormones make you feel fatter?
  • Do you know which hormones rev up your metabolism?
  • Do you crave carbohydrates?
  • Do you cave into chocolate urges?
  • Do your cravings get worse before your period?
  • Is your PMS getting worse?
  • Have you tried previous diets and failed?
  • Do you suspect your metabolism is stuck in first gear?
  • Do you run out of energy by lunch and drag through the rest of the day?
  • Do you exercise regularly, eat low-fat foods, and still can’t lose the weight?
  • Are you taking antidepressants or “mood-stabilizers”?

Finally, a book by a woman physician and hormone specialist answers all these questions and more with reliable, up-to-date, science-based information. In Women, Weight, and Hormones, Dr. Vliet explains why women have to struggle three times as hard as a man to lose half the weight, and shows how the hormone imbalances that lead to weight gain can actually be exacerbated by the wrong food choices. Women, Weight, and Hormones clarifies the hormone “myths and misunderstandings” that may have sabotaged your previous weight-loss efforts, and presents a sound, integrated approach to weight loss (featured in Dr. Vliet’s unique Your Hormone Power Plan™).

If you are a woman in midlife, Women, Weight, and Hormones may be your answer to the vicious cycle of hormone-related weight gain, and your way out the hormone pitfalls that block successful weight loss.

Table of Contents

  1. A Self Test: Is This Book for You?
  2. My Story
  3. Health Risks of Weight Gain: Women Are Hit Harder
  4. Are Your Hormones Making You Fat? Metabolism Basics
  5. Decades of Diets and Why They Don’t Work
  6. Estrogen and Your Weight
  7. Progesterone: Your Pregnancy/Fat-building Hormone
  8. Testosterone and DHEA: Your Androgen Hormones
  9. The Thyroid Hormones (T3 and T4): Master Metabolic Regulators
  10. Cortisol and Stress: Fat Promoters for the Over-Thirty Woman
  11. Your Sugar-Regulating Hormones and How They Can make You Fat
  12. Get Tested-Know Your Numbers
  13. Exploring Hormone Myths and Misunderstandings
  14. Balancing Your Ovarian Hormones for Weight Loss
  15. Balancing Your Thyroid, Adrenal, and Insulin Hormones for Weight Loss
  16. Balancing Protein, Fat, and Carbs to Rev Up Your Engine
  17. Your Meal Action Plan - The MAP for Starting Your Journey
  18. Balancing Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements for Weight Loss
  19. Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit for Lifelong Success