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Our Mission and Our Companies

When hormones go awry - for women or men - the imbalances can wreak havoc with one’s physical and emotional health, as well as sap energy, vitality, focus and concentration. Few doctors today thoroughly evaluate the critical roles that all our hormone (endocrine) systems play in entire brain and body pathways. Women, especially, often find that symptoms are dismissed as “just stress” or depression or anxiety. Patients often do not know where to turn for help.

Many “hormone doctors” today have not had much more training than a weekend course in “natural hormones” or “bioidentical hormones,” often taught by pharmacists or celebrities. There has often been a “cookbook” approach to hormone therapy.

Yet, the field of hormone medicine is complex, rapidly-changing, and exploding worldwide with new research findings. We believe that medical care for hormone problems should be done by a physician with many years experience in how to evaluate “hormonally-challenged” patients in an integrated way, and how to develop individually tailored treatment plans that complement and do not conflict with medications and alternative therapies for other health problems.


  • To empower patients, consumers, and health professionals with cutting edge, research-based information on the overlooked hormone connections for women and men that affect health risks from puberty to menopause or andropause.

  • To evaluate patients with hormonally-related health problems in a compassionate, competent, caring manner tailored to each person’s individual health goals.

  • To develop help patients develop a comprehensive, long-term health strategy, not just a quick fix for the symptoms that ail you.

  • To treat patients as a whole person, and not just a medical condition.

  • To integrate the preventive medicine approaches with current understanding of hormone effects and their multisystem effects.

  • To complement, and not duplicate, the services of other physicians.


Hormone Health Strategies, P.C. (based in Virginia and Arizona) and Hormone Health Strategies, P.A. (Texas) are Dr. Vliet’s medical practices specializing in the evaluation and treatment of health problems caused by hormone imbalances for women and men, from puberty to menopause or andropause and beyond. 

HER  Place ®, Health Enhancement and Renewal for Women®, Inc., is our educational company focused on providing seminars, workshops, radio and other media programs for consumers, physicians and other health professionals. 

Savvy Woman’s Guide Publishing, Inc. is a subsidiary of HER Place educational company that publishes books on a wide range of topics.