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Patient Information The HER  Place ® consultative model gives you an integrated picture of how all the pieces of your “health puzzle” fit together, and then gives you suggestions on how best to meet your goals.

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Scheduling an Appointment with HER  Place ®

Call to make an appointment
HER Place® has a centralized scheduling center that allows you to make one call to arrange an appointment at either of our locations.

HER  Place ® has a centralized scheduling center that allows you to make one call to arrange an appointment at either of our locations. If you would like an appointment with us, please read the information below carefully and call our Arizona office to request a New Patient Packet be sent to you.

HER  Place ® Phone Numbers

  • (520) 797-9131
  • (520) 797-2948 (FAX)

Cost of a New Patient Package

A. All patients are seen in person in our clinical office for an in-depth, several hour consultation-evaluation that includes detailed and comprehensive laboratory studies that check hormone levels and many other crucial measures. Our New Patient packages consist of five different packages of hormone and metabolic testing designed to address your individual patient concerns. We do not participate in any insurance plans, and have opted out of Medicare. We do not provide insurance claims filing services for any patients, electronic or otherwise. All of our patients are responsible for filing their own insurance claims with their insurance plans using the "walk-out" statement summary of services we provide you. Each insurance plan varies in terms of coverage of services and reimbursement is possible.

For more information on fees or to receive our New Patient Information Packet with important forms to initiate our scheduling process, please call our Arizona office at (520) 797-9131.   You may wish to visit our "Services" page for a more detailed explanation of our pricing policies. 

How a Consultative Medical Visit Differs from a Routine Doctor’s Visit

Our consultative practice does not replace your primary care physician for ongoing, routine health problems. The HER  Place ® consultative model of medical practice is designed to give you an integrated picture of how all the pieces of your “health puzzle” fit together, and then give you our suggestions on how best to meet your goals, even if we will not necessarily be the ones to provide all the services you may need.

Most medical offices today schedule a number of patients in the same hour so that doctors have very little time to spend with individual patients. We only schedule one person in the time set aside for each appointment. Our health care appointments are also much longer than the average doctor’s visit so that we are better able to determine what your needs are and how to meet them.

At your initial visit, our clinicians will have an in-depth time dedicated just to you, to discuss your health needs, laboratory results, personal concerns and to develop therapeutic options.

Follow Up Appointments

Please understand that achieving balance of your body’s chemistry is a complex process that takes time. Our philosophy is to start low and go slowly with adding or increasing any medications in order to avoid the adverse effects of high dosages and multiple medications.

 You need to be prepared to invest time in follow up evaluation, adjustments in your medications, etc. This is a journey you are about to embark upon. It is not possible to achieve everything in one visit.

You may decide to do your follow up appointment with HER  Place ®, or you may take our recommendations back to your own primary care physician. If you continue with us to implement your treatment plan, and prescribe any medications, we will recommend follow up lab tests at appropriate intervals to monitor the effectiveness of the medications we prescribed. If we prescribed medications for you, we require, at a minimum, an annual in office visit as well as current labs to monitor your progress.

If we have agreed to provide your prescriptions, it is necessary that you schedule a follow up appointment to review your medications and make any necessary adjustments.

This is usually 1-2 months after your initial visit. Follow up appointments are billed separately, and are not included in the initial package price. The fee charged will depend upon the length of your appointment.