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HER Place Services Our consultative practice is designed to give you an integrated picture of your health — to show you how all the pieces of your “health puzzle” fit together.
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HER  Place ® Services

HER  Place ® is not meant to replace your primary care physician for ongoing, routine health problems. Our consultative practice is designed to give you an integrated picture of your health — to show you how all the pieces of your “health puzzle” fit together.

We’ll offer you suggestions as to how you can meet your wellness goals, even if we may not necessarily provide all the services you need. Most medical offices schedule several appointments in the same hour, with the result that that doctors have little time to spend with each patient. We schedule only one person per appointment period; also, since our health care appointments are much longer than the average doctor’s visit, we’re able to more closely identify your needs and determine how they can be met.

Comprehensive Hormone Evaluation Package

Our Comprehensive Hormone Evaluation provides an in-depth picture of your overall health. The evaluation process takes several hours and consists of laboratory studies to check hormone levels and other critical measures, and intensive follow-up consultations, assessments, and recommendations.

Each component we examine will help us identify the true causes of your symptoms and determine a medically sound health enhancement plan. If you’d like us to continue working with you in your “journey to hormone health,” we’ll then prescribe medications and monitor your progress.

You may ask your doctor for a referral for our services, but a referral is not required.

Our hormone evaluation package includes the following:

Comprehensive Lab Work

To understand what you need, we must know where you are now. We begin the whole evaluation process by checking your current ovarian, adrenal, and thyroid hormone levels, as well as many other health measures. If you are still menstruating, tests will be performed at specific times during your menstrual cycle, since their results should be interpreted in the context of your cycle. All this testing and analysis will help us in the effort to balance your body chemistry and establish optimal hormone levels. Not only are optimal hormone levels important to your overall health, but specific hormone levels are crucial to the preservation of bone density and heart and brain health, for example.

Health Risk Assessment

We’ll identify health risks from the information you provide us in your initial history forms, from our consultation, and from your test results. Future appointments will focus on helping you reduce these identified health risks. Areas of emphasis include:

  • Reducing the risk factors for heart disease and cancer
  • Managing your stress
  • Eating for optimal energy
  • Losing weight in a safe, healthy way

Comprehensive Consultation

Once your initial labs and evaluations have been completed, you will meet with Dr. Vliet one to one and review your lab work and medical history, talk about your symptoms and concerns, and discuss the best treatment options. Together, you and Dr. Vliet will also determine your health enhancement plan. If appropriate, Dr. Vliet will provide prescriptions.

Pricing Policy

Here are our new approaches to pricing and packaging of our services. We hope you will find the flexibility useful as you consider which approach works best for you.

Just as there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to solving the complex hormone issues many women face, we have found there is no simple "one-price-fits all" pricing plan either. Rather, Dr. Vliet will tailor the types of laboratory tests she feels will be needed to give a complete picture of your current hormone issues, and provide guidance for the types of approaches that are needed to correct "your" problem(s).

Dr. Vliet does not use the unreliable saliva tests to evaluate something as critical to your health as your hormones! Remember, doing all the labs as an integrated approach at the same time helps get you the best information as to what's wrong and what to do about it.

While it may seem "expensive," women continually tell us "It's too expensive to keep going to doctor after doctor after doctor and still not getting answers or help to feel better."

Our philosophy is that it is more time and cost-effective for you if Dr. Vliet does an integrated history, physical and lab evaluation at the beginning to help you identify potential multiple causes of the same symptoms.

While it is possible to have a consultation without doing the lab studies, keep in mind that when the proper lab evaluation is done in advance of your initial visit, Dr. Vliet is then able to focus the consultation time to tailor the approaches you need in order to regain your health and hormone balance.

Services and Fees

I. In-Depth Consultation with Dr. Vliet, including comprehensive laboratory studies.

There are several different packages shown on the next page for men and women, based on the types of clinical problems you may have, with each package having slightly different lab tests tailored to that particular set of health problems.

Regardless of which laboratory package you select, the Consult components are very time-intensive, and allows you an in-depth evaluation and treatment planning experience, far from the 5-10 minute, symptom-focused medical office visit so common today. With such short medical visits being the norm now, it isn’t surprising that it’s hard to get answers to your complex hormone problems!

The general price range for the In-Depth Consultation with Dr. Vliet, including comprehensive laboratory studies is $3,575 to $4,575

II. Consultation only, with Dr. Vliet…………………...................……....$2,500

 Any labs done will be through your contracted insurance plan physician.  We are offering this Consult Only (i.e., without labs being done ahead through our office) as a response to people who have requested a lower cost option, and who are willing to invest the time and effort it takes to try and get all the correct lab tests done through another physician.

Over the years, we have consistently found that having all of Dr. Vliet’s recommended labs done through our office helps to insure that the right tests are done at the right time to get the right answers to your health questions. When the proper lab evaluation is done in advance of your initial visit, Dr. Vliet is then able to focus the consultation time to tailor the approaches you need in order to regain your health and hormone balance.

III. Second Opinion Consultation Options

For those who would like Dr. Vliet’s guidance on evaluation and treatment options to then work with your own physician for prescriptions, you may want to consider our Second Opinion consult service. This allows Dr. Vliet to review your medical history, discuss the questions you have, and provide recommendations for testing, and suggestions for treatment options that could help your symptoms.

Regulations do not allow Dr. Vliet to prescribe medications after the Second Opinion Consultation, but the “Second Opinion Consultation” service does give you a written summary of specific recommendations to take to your own physician to complete the testing and try the initial treatment suggestions.

Download our PDF flier, Second Opinion FAQ's, that explains the Second Opinion options if you have further questions about what the process entails and the fees. You may call our Scheduling Coordinator at 520-797-9131, or email her at Info@herplace.com.

If you later decide that you would like Dr. Vliet to manage your hormone and other medications to help you achieve your goals, then you would need to be seen in person in the office and go through our detailed process of becoming an established patient. This includes in-person appointment for an in-depth evaluation and physical, so that Dr. Vliet is able to prescribe and manage your hormone medications, and order further tests as needed.

  1. One hour Second Opinion Consult…………..$895.00
    Individualized time by phone or in-person with Dr. Vliet to review the health information you send, discuss your questions and concerns. Dr. Vliet will recommend tests and treatment options for you to consider, and provide a written summary of those suggestions to help you work with your own physician(s).

  2. 90 minute Second Opinion Consult…………$1,095.00
    The longer time allows for more detailed review of your medical records and longer discussion time with Dr. Vliet to answer your questions and for to explain treatment options to help you more fully understand pros and cons of various approaches. Dr. Vliet will provide you a written list of suggestions to help you work with your own physician(s).

Current regulations do not allow physicians to order the laboratory studies if not also seeing the patient for a consultation. We cannot handle requests for you to do the laboratory packages alone without the consultation with Dr. Vliet. Patients may choose to do the consultation without having labs done, although the value of the consultation is limited unless lab studies can be discussed as part of the process.